TDI Kriss Super V Vector SMG, .45 ACP

The TDI Vector is a state of the art .45 cal sub machinegun that just entered production in 2010. The TDI Vector is also known as the "Kriss", after a type of curved, bone-handled Indonesian dagger. It is designed to take the same 10- or 13-round magazines as the .45 ACP Glock 21 or a proprietary 25-round box magazine.

This weapon has a rather unusual design that makes use of advanced construction and design techniques to minimize recoil and muzzle climb, despite the use of the potent .45 ACP cartridge and firing at a blistering 1,000 rounds per minute and only weighing 5.6 pounds. Compared to other SMGs, the .45 cal packs much more punch and stopping power. Other weapons like the H&K MP5 use the much smaller 9mm and similar rounds due to the low recoil, a tradeoff that limits stopping power and damage. Thanks to its unique asymmetrical recoil mechanism, the Kriss is able to use the heavier ammunition without the usual drop in accuracy and control.

Army of Two: The 40th DayEdit

The TDI Vector is called the TDV-45.


The TDI Vector fires at an astonishing 1000 rounds per minute using the potent .45 caliber round, a lethal combination that will kill all but the toughest enemies in very short order. With the appropriate upgrades it becomes one of the few weapons in the game that can boast perfect handling while still retaining respectable accuracy and is capable of utilizing a wide variety of barrels, stocks, handgrips and muzzle attachments making it an adaptable weapons platform. Unfortunately like all SMGs it has substandard performance at long range and its accuracy can be easily exceeded by virtually any of the game's assault rifles, it is best used as a short ranged weapon in combination with something that is better suited to longer ranged attacks. Compared to the other submachineguns in the game the Vector can be considered the ultimate weapon of its class.

  • The .45 ACP round used by the Vector is notorious for poor performance against body armor. Unfortunately, nearly every opponent in The 40th Day wears body armor in some variation (Security Guards being the only exception). To be effective the weapon would have to be chambered with customized armor-piercing rounds (unless the user could consistently land headshots on opponents).

Army of Two: The Devil's CartelEdit

The TDI Vector is called the MK-IX.