Typically there is a marked man that you are hunting down in a mission, though sometimes they are the ones hunting you. They operate as elites, but with greater health, and a bit more cunning.

What really separates these special characters are the weapons they use. They all carry unique weapons such as repeating shotguns and grenade launchers, and even super high power sniper rifles that can kill in a hit or two. They will use their underlings to distract you, but they should be dealt with as fast as possible. If you plan on taking them out for good you had better work together, because it will take two of you to take down one of them.

Special marked men in Army of Two include:

  • Abdullahi Mo'Allim - Somalia - carries a gold plated AK-47
  • Mohammed Al-Habib - Afghanistan - carries DAO-X Protecta
  • Ali Youssef - Iraq- carries an M134 mini gun, acts as heavy solider.
  • Philip Clyde - Miami - carries a MSG-1 though he sometimes has an M107 light 50 in cutscene
  • Richard Dalton - Miami (Alternate Ending) - carries a HK G36 and grenades during his first phase. He only uses his HK G36 during his second phase.

Although there are no "bosses" in Army of Two: The 40th Day, there are:

  • JB - Shanghai - carries a G36C
  • Brezhnev - Shanghai - carries a Desert Eagle and an AK-47/Felin-2C
  • Jonah - Shanghai - unarmed, owns a Type 77

There are 2 Bosses in Army Of Two: The Devils Cartel.

  • The Butcher - La Puerta (Narco Hell) - Carries a Mechete and a MP-U45
  • Elliot Salem - La Puerta (Confrontation) - Drives a Destroyer and uses a M32 MGL and a M4 during cutscenes.