Shanghai Streets is the first level in Army of Two: The 40th Day. The player starts off in civilian gear, and then goes to meet his contact, JB. JB then leads the player to an enclosure where he dispatches two guards with a Type 77 pistol. There will be armor, a Type 05 SMG and a G36C in the dumpster. Afterward, the player plants a beacon, and moves up. Then, there is a shooting tutorial where the player disarms the alarm boxes. After that, the player moves into the elevator where he can customize his weapons. Alice tells Salem that there is a secondary objective which won't be revealed until later in the mission.

After the elevator ride, JB gives Rios and Salem a battle plan tutorial in which he grabs an officer and the players can tie down the grunts. Salem complains, saying it's "no fun." After a grunt and officer, the players head upstairs and activate the second beacon, receiving $10,000 dollars. After shooting through all the enemies on the rooftop, JB opens a door and advances to the next part. Then, you make your decision and proceed to the next area. The buildings will start blowing up, and you'll escape through a metal door, near radio #2. After the door, there will be three men, you can mock surrender and take them out easily by quick drawing.

Afterward, you fight through a corridor, and receive the G14 Thunderstrike barrel from the strongbox, and step jump your way into a construction site. There will be a Maneki Neko and a Slanted G5 Grip on the second tier. After fighting through two corridors, you reach a metal fence, which one of you will need to step jump over and open the gate from the control room, where radio #3 and the Custom Shield part is. Then you will face a Shotgun Heavy and fight through another corridor, before reaching an elevator and ending the chapter.


  • Meet your contact
  • Shoot the alarm boxes
  • Plant the first locator beacon
  • Plant the second locator beacon
  • Escape the building

Radio LogsEdit

  1. Right on the table where you meet JB
  2. In front of a metal door, hard to miss
  3. In the control room before the Shotgun Heavy, there's a radio on the barrel

Neko CatsEdit

  1. On the leftmost building in the first battle
  2. On the second tier of the construction site


  1. G18 Thunderstrike from tutorial strongbox
  2. Slanted G5 Grip on the second tier of the construction site (right on top of the ladder)
  3. Custom Shield in front of the third radio log
  4. Rusty Stock after construction site