Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Eisenhower is a character from the first Army of Two. An Army Ranger officer serving in Iraq, he was Salem's and Rios' commanding officer while they where with the US Army Rangers. Eisenhower hates the idea of companies having private armies for hire and disapproved of Salem and Rios for leaving the military and joining SSC.

Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios have to rescue Eisenhower as the first objective in the mission. While he is boarding the helicopter he apologizes for what he said about the two and wanted to have a beer with them. Shortly after you rescue him, his helicopter gets blown up. Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios are partners that met when registering for a group that stops bad people.

After his death Salem and Rios talk about how it was like someone knew that Eisenhower was on that helicopter. Rios and Salem theorize that maybe he was killed because knew something. You find out that Clyde made a few extra bucks from selling troop positions. The terrorists found out from him which helicopter would be used to pick up Eisenhower and planted the bomb on it.

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