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Role: SSC Commanding Officer, Former Department of Defense intel agent

Richard Dalton is a SSC Operative in charge of the two main mercenaries in the game Army of Two.


After Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios entered the roof of the SSC headquarters Richard Dalton appeared in a helicopter. While Elliot Salem kept him distracted Tyson Rios fired a Stinger missile at the helicopter destroying it and killing Richard Dalton and the pilot.

Alternate Ending: (Map Pack Only) After being chased throughout various parts of SSC, Salem and Rios corner Dalton in the Safe. Dalton, dressed in similar armour, challenges the duo. Eventually, they shoot him off the railings and kill him.

Tactics in Boss FightEdit

  • Use your light machine guns with more ammo and higher damage such as PKM. You would be able to drop him down quickly.
  • Watch out for grenades - Dalton loves throwing his grenades repeatly.
  • Try to let your partner get more aggro and get close in for the kill. It's much easier to spot him.
  • Remember, enemies will still be coming out from lifts.
  • Never try to melee - Dalton is like one of the Heavy Units in melee, only difference being Dalton still takes damage in the front.