Real world QBZ-03

The QBZ-03 (Type 03) assault rifle is the latest assault rifle design developed for the Chinese 5.8 x 42 mm DBP87ammunition. Unlike the QBZ-95, the Type 03 is a conventional design weapon loosely inspired by other rifles previously in Chinese service (most notably the Type 56 and Type 81 assault rifle). The Type 03 has seen some issue within the People's Armed Police and second line PLA ground units. An export-aimed version of the Type 03 also exists, first introduced at the 2007 MILIPOL expo. The export version is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO and feeds by STANAG magazines.

The 40th DayEdit

The QBZ-03 is a usable assault rifle in Army Of Two: The 40th Day, corresponding to its surroundings, this rifle is a Chinese weapon. It fires the specially made 5.8x42mm rounds which are actually a larger diameter of the American 5.56mm NATO rounds.

Cost: $12,000

Recommended Configurations

QBZ Longshot (QBZ barrel, Trueshot stock, QBZ clip, Tactical Grip, Scar Muzzle, Red Dot X3)

  • High aggro and precision
  • Good damage and handling
  • Meduim to long range

QBZ CQB (G36C Barrel, Ruslan mk.3 stock, AK-47 Clip, Tactical Grip, TLB Shadow Silencer, Red Dot X1)

  • Low Aggro
  • High handling
  • Medium precision an damage

It's basically a silenced AK-74u with a different look