This is the parts list for Army of Two: The 40th Day. Note that parts included in guns should not be added to this page (i.e. M416 Stock, FELIN-2C muzzle).

Barrels Edit

G14 Thunderstrike - obtained in Shanghai Streets

Stocks Edit

Star Tactica - obtained by purchase

Cartridges Edit

50 round magazine - obtained by purchase

70 round drum - obtained by purchase

100 round D-drum - obtained by purchase

Supressors Edit

Soda Can Silencer - obtained in In Case of Fire. Decreased aggro, can be bought for $15

Double Can Silencer - $10, decreased aggro

E3 Muzzle Enhancer - $750, increased aggro, decreased handling, increased precision

Z1 Muzzle Reducer

Front Mount Edit

Slanted S5 Grip - obtained in Shanghai Streets

Custom Shield - obtained in Shanghai Streets

870 MCS Masterkey shotgun- Costs $30,000

M203- Costs $50,000

Pipe Bomb Launcher- can be obtained in The Zoo

Scope Edit

Red Dot 1x - obtained by purchase

Red Dot 2x - obtained by purchase

Red Dot 3x - obtained in The Bund

Style Edit

Pimp - $10,000 - Highly Increased Aggro, gold finish

Urban Combat - $2,000 - Decreased Aggro, blue camo finish

Jigsaw - $8,000 - Increased Aggro, jigsaw rainbow pattern