Elliot Salem mock surrendering while Tyson Rios Gets ready to shoot the unsuspecting Mercs

Mock Surrender is a technique done just before enemy engagement. To do this, press X/A once to yell out, "I surrender" and press X/A again to get on your knees and hold your hands up.

Following this action, you can aim your riticule at the enemy and pull the trigger to do the Quick Draw action. You will pull out your sidearm, so be ready to fire more than once. This is a quick and easy way to kill your captors.


While you are in Mock Surrender, you can either press R1 to "quickdraw" and use your pistol and fight in slow motion, or let your partner flank or snipe the enemy. You get an achievement by letting your ally flank or snipe 5 enemies while you're in Mock Surrender mode.