Jonah, standing in the center of many of his soldiers and 1 of each Superheavy.

Jonah Wade
is the main antagonist of Army of Two: The 40th Day. He is the leader of the 40th Day Initiative and takes over Shanghai with the help of his army. His reasoning for launching his attack on Shanghai is to prove that without any formal government to supervise them, people are nothing more than animals who show themselves to be heartless and greedy. He also attempts to prove his point about showing sacrifice when he orders one of duo to shoot the other to which he would disarm the nuke in the heart of the city and pull his men out.

Jonah is seen wearing a jacket with both Army and Air Force ranks as well as medals and awards hinting he may have been a former United States Soldier or Airmen. In one of the radio logs in the game, the reporter states that Wade is a "reclusive billionaire, former army officer, and movie mogul." He also has several stars on his shoulder also hinting he could have been a General in the United States military. It could be assumed that his experiences in the military may have scarred him deeply and left the impressions that he holds for reasoning in attacking Shanghai in attempts to prove his point. How exactly he got his hands on such a massive army with such formidable firepower and technology is unknown, however, he could have been a PMC owner which could explain how he had such a large army.

It is possible that Jonah suffers Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

A closer look at Jonah

an anxiety disorder that makes the infected wish to prove himself. Especially if the said person is known as a hero of some kind. As in Jonah's case, his time in the military may have traumatized him. His many decorations and general's chevrons hint that his followers see him as a hero. At some point, he may have been dishonored, which causes him to prove his hero's reputation valid. Jonah likely sees his presence and control over Shanghai as a way to recover his fame and respect.

Judging by his age and military jacket, it's possible that he was a U.S. Vietnam War Veteran. His jacket looks very similar to a M65 Field Jacket which was common to U.S. service men at the time and veterans of the conflict alike. If you look closely at his front left chest pocket, there is what looks like either a two finger "peace" sign or a S.A.S. emblem, either which is difficult to make out due to texturing. If the speculation that Jonah is a Vietnam vet is correct, then his actions for the 40th Day insurrection would be based on his hatred on society due to how returning veterans where treated due to public opinion of the conflict. His belief on sacrifice might be a hint of how he at one point was a man willing to die for his country, to where he insulted Rios and Salem saying that "something you wouldn't know about." Jonah also sites the Bible in one of the ending's epilogues, possibly one of the inspirations of why he committed his insurrection.


Wade has four death scenes, which one is played depends on what the player chooses to do in the last morality moment and which character that chooses to do so.

Upon completing chapter 8, Jonah will make you decide what to do as he claims he has a bomb planted in the heart of the city and when he triggers it 7 million people will die but if Salem and Rios are willing to show him sacrifice by killing their partner he will disarm the bomb and leave Shanghai. In the end it turns out the bomb was a dud. If the player choses to shoot Jonah and not their partner, part of the comic book consequence shows what may appear to be Jonah in the streets, heavily wounded, but still alive. In the "Chapters of Deceit" DLC, the two are looking for Jonah. If the chapters are chronological and canon, it means the "true" ending of the game is one of the duo simply shooting Jonah. It is also a possibility that the chapters 8 and 9 (DLC) do not follow the story chronologically, happening sometime before the ending of the game, or that they are not canon, and never happened. Also of note is that in the Chapters of Deceit, the duo get intel on Jonah's location and find him in an office window where he is pacing back and forth until he is shot, but soon after the two find out that it was a decoy and not the real Jonah. He is not mentioned at all afterwards. However, according to Wikipideia's page on Army of Two: The 40th Day, "The Assassination" and "Collateral Damage", chapters was made to attempt to bridge the plot gap between Mission 004: The Hospital and 005: The Mall. If this is true, then Jonah was expecting Rios and Salem (or anyone else who opposed him) to Assassinate him, and had set up an double ganger (Friendly imposter) as a counter measure. This is also evadenced by the first cutscene in the Hospital. As Rios and Salem are conversing with Dr.Wu, when they get to the Enternce/Reception, on the set of seats next to them as they passed on their way was a man that was undeniably Jonah, wearing his military jacket, however his face was hidden as he was looking down, away from the two Mercs as they walked by him. No matter if it was the real Jonah or his double ganger, it's undoubtably known that he's been so keen on gaining info of the Merc's next move or location, that he would go out of his way sneak in and pose amoung injured civilians. It might also explain how his men found their way into the hospital, via observing the hospital from within.

If the player is playing as Salem and chooses to save their partner, he will shoot Jonah several times. If the player chooses to kill their partner, Salem will shoot Rios, Jonah will go call off the troops, then throw the detonater high and Salem shoots him while sliding. Salem then looks at the cameras and no Nuke went off, it was a dud.

If the player is playing as Rios and chooses to save their partner, Rios will shoot Jonah and then finish him off with a bullet to the head. If the player chooses to kill their partner, Salem will look at Rios with a 'this guy is crazy, what do we do?' look at Rios, then will look surprised when Rios pulls out whatever handgun the player had and shoot Salem in the stomach, thus injuring him. Jonah will go give the order, and then have a grin on his face and Rios shoots him in the head.

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