The real world G36 with a foregrip

The G36C is the shortest variant of the G36 family of assault rifles produced by the German company Heckler & Koch and is chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO round. It is featured in both Army of Two games and is also the starting weapon in both games. It also features as an unlockable weapon in the third game of the series.

Army of TwoEdit

The Heckler & Koch G36C is an assault rifle, portrayed as the HK36 in Army of Two. It is the standard issue rifle for all SSC operatives. At its Base, the HK36 has medium damage, medium accuracy, and low Aggro.

Cost: $0

Ammo capacity: 30



  • Base - $0
  • Nightwatch VO555 - $2,500
  • CL3 Krieger Zerstorer - $5,000


  • Base - $0
  • ALU-Flex 22B - $2,000
  • Trueshot RF2 - $4,500


  • 30-Round Magazine - $0
  • 50-Round Magazine - $4,500

Front mount


  • None - $0
  • ACS Night-Ops - $1,000
  • L18 Death's Whisper - $2,000


  • None - $0
  • Aegis Guardian V1 - $5,000


  • Standard - $0
  • Pimped - $10,000


The 40th DayEdit

The G36C is the primary weapon of both the private security guards in the first mission and by the 40th Day Initiative for the first few levels, it is also the first assault rifle that you receive during the game. The G36C in its basic form has only average Aggro, precision and damage but has good handling, moderate recoil and like most weapons it can be modified extensively to suit the user's preferences. There are also a number of attachments that seem to be specifically tailored for use with this weapon. These include; the K23 Assault Barrel, G36 Condemner, HL Reflex Core Stock, Trueshot RF9 and the MG36 Scope.

Recommended ConfigurationsEdit

(created by adding a Vertical IG Grip and a ZT Reflex Sight)

  • Has one of the highest Handling ratings of all Assault Rifles
  • Requires only two attachments

G36C Marksman
(use K23 Assault Barrel, HL Reflex Core stock, Slanted G5 Grip, E2 Muzzle Enhancer and Red Dot (2X) scope)

  • Boasts near perfect Precision
  • Very High AGGRO
  • Has only moderate Damage and Handling

This might take a while to collect all of the parts since the HL Reflex Core is hidden at the Hospital.

MG36C Light Machinegun
(use G36 Condemner barrel, 100 Round D-Drum, E2 Muzzle Enhancer, MG36 Scope and any type of forward grip)

  • Transforms the G36 into a machine gun with 100 round drums!
  • Well balanced in all categories with a slight edge in the Aggro department

GAMER (Movie Combo)
(Add 100 Round drum Mag, M203 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher, and Reflex Sight)

  • Lots of shots to use
  • Grenades to launch

This is just a fun combination to use (It is from the movie GAMER)

The Devil's CartelEdit

The G36C features in The Devil's Cartel as the X9 Tactical, and fires in 3 round bursts. It is unlockable by completing the demo that was realeased on March 13th, but must be purchased with in-game currency.

Available parts:Edit

Note that x value is the stat increase, and in the case of magazines, is not the specific increase in capacity.


  • Standard
  • Folded Standard: folded aesthetic
  • Precision: +2 accuracy
  • Folded Precision: +2 accuracy, folded aesthetic


  • Standard
  • Extended: +1 magazine size
  • Double: +2 reload speed
  • Armor Piercing: +2 damage
  • Drum: +3 magazine size, -2 reload speed
  • Double Drum: +5 magazine size, -2 reload speed, -2 mobility


  • None
  • Holographic: +2 accuracy
  • ACOG Sight: +3 accuracy, aim through scope

Under MountEdit

  • None
  • Foregrip: +2 accuracy
  • Laser Sight: +1 accuracy, adds constant red dot (not present when in cover)
  • Blindfire Camera: +1 accuracy, add crosshair when in cover

Side Mount

  • None
  • Rail Magazine: +2 reload speed
  • Laser Sight: +1 accuracy, adds constant red dot (not present when in cover)
  • Ballistic Shield: -3 mobility, decreases damage taken (need confirmation)


  • Standard
  • Precision: +2 range, -2 mobility


  • Standard
  • Muzzle Brake: +4 accuracy, +2 aggro
  • Silencer: -2 range, -2 aggro
  • The "Alternative": -2 range, -2 aggro
  • The "Substitute": -2 range, -2 aggro

Available skinsEdit

  • Default

Colour finishes (available in pianted or anodized variants)Edit

  • Desert
  • Root
  • Autumn
  • Forest
  • Pine
  • Olive
  • Urban
  • Charcoal
  • Pewter
  • Winter
  • Cobalt
  • Ocean
  • Salmon
  • Cardnal
  • Burgundy
  • Matte Black (anodized only)
  • Shiny Black (anodized only)

​Camouflage finishesEdit

  • Desert Camo
  • Forest Camo
  • Urban Camo
  • Winter Camo
  • Desert Digital
  • Forest Digital
  • Urban Digital
  • Winter Digital

Snakeskin finishesEdit

  • Rattle Snake (Snakeskin)
  • Easter Fox (Snakeskin)
  • Eastern Indigo (Snakeskin)
  • Pale Amazonian (Snakeskin)
  • Black Pine (Snakeskin)
  • Sand Snake (Snakeskin)
  • Almeda Whip (Snakeskin)
  • Buttermilk Racer (Snakeskin)
  • Smooth Green (Snakeskin)
  • Black Garter (Snakeskin)
  • Snail Eater (Snakeskin)
  • Red Rat (Snakeskin)

Precious metal finsihesEdit

  • Silver
  • Polished Silver
  • Matte Gold
  • Polished Gold


  • This weapon has the potential to have the fastest reload of all available weapons, if both reload speed upgrades are applied.