Grenade heavey

The Superheavy in game

A grenadier superheavy is a superheavy featured in Army of Two: The 40th Day. It carries a Milkor MGL, with infinite rounds. To kill it, you need to shoot the three grenade packs on his hips (one is on his lower back). The grenade superheavy is first featured in The Zoo. The nice thing about grenadier's is that the grenades they shoot don't explode on impact like when you fire them so you have time to get away before the grenades detonate. Once you kill one his grenade launcher becomes available as a temporary weapon.


It is unknown why the Grenadier has chosen to wear the gear that he wears. Not only is he wearing a gas mask, which would already limit his field of view but he also has one of the eyeholes blocked. This means that the Grenadier only has a tiny field of view and in real life could be easily flanked.

Battle TipsEdit

  • Use the roll feature a lot. It can help get away from grenades
  • Don't stay in the same place to long for the grenades will deal large amounts of damage if all three are accurate
  • Take aggro, so your partner can get the one on his back
  • If you are very close to him, he will switch his weapon for a handgun. This can be used to prevent him from using grenades, making him an easier target.
  • He is the only the only Superheavy soldier to have a weapon that can be bought from the weapons menu. However, it is the second heavy-armored soldier to have a buyable weapon, the 1st being the Shotgun Heavy.