A gatling superheavy is a superheavy featured in Army of Two: The 40th Day. It first appears in In Case Of Fire. This superheavy is the hardest to kill, due to its extreme fire rate and the inability to get around it without getting ripped to shreds. They are armed with what appears to be a hand held GAU-19 .50 calibre gatling gun, making them incredibly lethal at all ranges though less so at long range. They wear what appears to be a Powered Exoskeleton that completely covers their body and a red beret, they are completely immune to any weapons in your arsenal (or any you can pick up), the only way to kill one is to shoot their ammo back pack until it explodes, good teamwork is absolutely vital to surviving an encounter with one. Thankfully these superheavies are very rare, are only encountered one at a time and after you finally kill one; their Gatling Gun becomes available to use.

Battle TipsEdit

  • Have one partner take constant aggro. If he loses the aggro, you're dead. Then get some shots on the back pack.
  • Take him out from long distance. His gatling gun isn't accurate at long distances.
  • Explosives cannot be used to kill them but they will be stunned for afew seconds, this can be useful for giving yourself some time to get behind cover and attracting the heavie's attention.
  • If you are bleeding out on the ground the gunner will try to close in and snap your neck, your partner will only have a limited amount of time to kill him before he kills you.
  • Always use cover if the Gatling Superheavy is targeting you. It's impossible to circle around it without getting killed.
  • If you have a good aiming, you can try to shot facely his backpack under his left arm.