The flame superheavy is a unique enemy first encountered in the Hospital. You see him burning a pile of civilians before you can go kill him. In the cutscene where he is first seen his face appears to have been burnt most likely by his own gear. To kill a flame superheavy, you must shoot the gas tank on his back until it catches fire. After a few seconds, he'll blow up. You then can take his Flamethrower. Of all the super heavies this one is probably the least dangerous because of its extremely short effective range and if you are perceptive and a very good shot it is possible to shoot a small corner of the fuel tank on his back that just siticks up over his left shoulder but this can be hard to do if the heavy is trying to torch you.

Battle TacticsEdit

  • To get behind him, you'll need to make your partner take aggro.
  • Stay back, his flame can't reach you if you're far away.
  • You can use grenades to stun him for a short period.
  • Remember, once you kill him after hearing"get it off!" his tank will blow up which can cause damage.
  • If you are good enough aim for the small part of the fuel tank that sticks up over their left shoulder.
  • Have your partner have aggro advance,then get behind him and start shooting his tank.


  • Sometimes when the fuel tank blows up, he will say "Oh shit, OH SHIT!"