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The Special Operations Forces (SOF) Combat Assault Rifle, or SCAR, is a modular rifle made by FN Herstal (FNH) for the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to satisfy the requirements of the SCAR competition. This family of rifles consist of two main types. The SCAR-L, for light, is chambered in the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge and the SCAR-H, for heavy, fires 7.62x51mm NATO. Both are available in Long Barrel and Close Quarters Combat variants.

The FN SCAR system completed low rate initial production testing in June 2007. After some delays, the first rifles began being issued to operational units in April 2009, and a battalion of the US 75th Ranger Regiment was the first large unit deployed into combat with 600 of the rifles in 2009. While purchases of the MK 16 SCAR-L variant by the US Special Operations Command have been canceled, US SOCOM will still buy the MK 17 SCAR-H variant and some subordinate Spec Ops commands are still looking to buy the MK 16 SCAR-L variant and/or keep the existing MK 16s they have already purchased.

The 40th DayEdit

In the game, the SCAR-L is a well-rounded assault rifle that has it's primary advantage in precision and handling. Combining those aspects with a high rate of fire make it one of the best weapons for putting many rounds into your opponent quickly. It is unlocked at chapter 3.

Recommended ConfigurationsEdit

SCAR-H (Use the FELIN-2C magazine and the E2 Muzzle Enhancer)

  • PROs: Medium damage
  • CONs: Draws a lot of Aggro

HAMR (Use the 100 round D-Drum, SC-4 Tityos barrel, SCAR-L Muzzle, SCAR-L Stock, and any scope)

  • PROs: Turns the SCAR-L into a very powerful and accurate LMG
  • CONs: Only real downside is poor handling

SCAR-L CQB (Use the SC-3 Triton Barrel, ZT Reflex sight, and a Slanted G5 Grip)

  • PROs: Very High handling. Easy to create as it requires parts that are easy to find/cheap.

SCAR Longshot Rifle (SC-4 Tityos barrel, SCAR-L Stock, Felin Clip, E40 Grip, TLB Shadow Silencer, M-20 Attack Scope)

  • PROs: Good Damage, High Precision, Low Aggro. Good for medium to long range
  • CONs: Low Handling


Purchasing the SCAR-L gives the AA12 access to its stock.

The Devil's CartelEdit

The SCAR-L features in Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel as the M-KAR, and is available from the start of the game.

Available parts:Edit

Note that x value is the stat increase, and in the case of magazines, is not the specific increase in capacity.


  • Standard
  • Assault: + 2 mobility
  • Precision: +2 accuracy
  • Folded Precision: +2 accuracy, folded aesthetic


  • Standard
  • Extended: +1 magazine size
  • Double: +2 reload speed
  • Armor Piercing: +2 damage
  • Drum: +3 magazine size, -2 reload speed
  • Double Drum: +5 magazine size, -2 reload speed, -2 mobility


  • None
  • Holographic: +2 accuracy
  • ACOG Sight: +3 accuracy, aim through scope

Under MountEdit

  • None
  • Foregrip: +2 accuracy
  • Laser Sight: +1 accuracy, adds constant red dot (not present when in cover)
  • Blindfire Camera: +1 accuracy, add crosshair when in cover
  • Grenade Laucher: -3 mobility, adds grenade launcher

Side MountEdit

  • None
  • Rail Magazine: +2 reload speed
  • Laser Sight: +1 accuracy, adds constant red dot (not present when in cover)
  • Ballistic Shield: -3 mobility, decreases damage taken (need confirmation)


  • Standard
  • Assault: +2 mobility, -2 range
  • Precision: +2 range, -2 mobility


  • Standard
  • Muzzle Brake: +4 accuracy, +2 aggro
  • Silencer: -2 aggro
  • The "Alternative": -2 range, -2 aggro
  • The "Substitute": -2 range, -2 aggro

Available SkinsEdit

  • Default

Colour finishes (available in painted or anodized variants)Edit

  • Desert
  • Root
  • Autumn
  • Forest
  • Pine
  • Olive
  • Urban
  • Charcoal
  • Pewter
  • Winter
  • Cobalt
  • Ocean
  • Salmon
  • Cardnal
  • Burgundy
  • Matte Black (anodized only)
  • Shiny Black (anodized only)

​Camouflage finishesEdit

  • Desert Camo
  • Forest Camo
  • Urban Camo
  • Winter Camo
  • Desert Digital
  • Forest Digital
  • Urban Digital
  • Winter Digital

Snakeskin finishesEdit

  • Rattle Snake (Snakeskin)
  • Easter Fox (Snakeskin)
  • Eastern Indigo (Snakeskin)
  • Pale Amazonian (Snakeskin)
  • Black Pine (Snakeskin)
  • Sand Snake (Snakeskin)
  • Almeda Whip (Snakeskin)
  • Buttermilk Racer (Snakeskin)
  • Smooth Green (Snakeskin)
  • Black Garter (Snakeskin)
  • Snail Eater (Snakeskin)
  • Red Rat (Snakeskin)

Precious metal finsihesEdit

  • Silver
  • Polished Silver
  • Matte Gold
  • Polished Gold