''''Elites or Corporals are the leaders of the Grunts. They are superior to Grunts as they are far more accurate and wear better quality armor. They also make use of cover more efficiently and have better equipment. Elites can use some of the player's co-op moves, such as Riot Shield and Drag Partner. If an Elite is present, Grunts are more efficient, so it is advisable to dispatch their leader first. Elites are more intelligent and confident than Grunts, and are harder to fool as they are more perceptive to the player's aggro and feigning death.

Like Grunts, Elites appear in every level of the Army of Two series. In Army of Two: The 40th Day, Elites are called Corporals, and sometimes carry shotguns. Corporals usually have helmets, which make them less susceptible to headshots. Using a Corporal in a hostage situation will cause all grunts to submit and be tied down by your partner.