Drag Partner is a move that is carried out after a member of the Army of Two is inj

Rios draging Salem in Army Of Two

ured severely. The move is named as such because the partner that is not injured drags their partner's sat down body around to cover and/or to assist shooting. The healing takes approximately 5-6 seconds without disruption from gunshots and explosions.

40th Day

In Army Of Two: The 40th Day, healing can
Army of two screens

Rios draging Salem while Salem covers him. (Although you can only use sidearms in 40th Day while downed.)

happen even if your being shot at. And the injured player can crawl or scoot on their back backwards, slowly. Allowing the chance of crawling to your partner if they are otherwise preoccupied taking attention away from the injured player.


  • In Army Of Two, the downed player can use any of their guns
  • In 40th Day, the downed player can only use their sidearm.
  • In 40th Day, it appears that the downed player is dragged by a strong, retractible strap that is at the top of the back kevlar.
  • This feature was removed from Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel.