Chin standing between Rios and Salem after the two battled 2 Heavy Flamethrowers and their men.

Chin is one of the characters in the Army of Two franchise,


Chin is a young boy that Rios and Salem meet in the hospital when they hear him calling for them from a room down the hallway. Chin tells them that he is there to get medicine for his ill parents. He had to sneak out of the house, as they would never let him go alone while the city was being attacked, but Chin went anyway as his parents would die if they did not get their medication.But he really has a different intention...

Morality momentEdit

Chin follows Rios and Salem trough a part of the hospital by crawling through some vents. Eventually they reach a big room and soldiers attack. Chin tells them that he sees a gun and asks if he should try and get it.

If you tell him to go get it he will run and then crawl under the seats, grab the gun and then return. As he stands up he will raise the gun in the air and start jumping in triumph. Because of this he will get hit by a bullet and die. In the scene that follows one can see how his body is found and how his parents mourn him.

When Rios and Salem return to Dr.Wu he'll ask if they saw Chin to which Salem will lie and say he never heard of him.

If you tell him to stay hidden he will not move and when they return to Dr.Wu he'll follow him as the duo go to defend the lobby. In the scene that follows you see Chin going away in a van and eventually return home where soldiers have taken his parents hostage. Chin gives the medicine to the soldiers and as they are about to leave he pulls out a gun and shoots them. His parents then embrace him.


  • Chin wears the same helmet, gloves, and shoes as some enemy soldiers which he probably picked up from a dead soldier. This is supported by the fact that there is a bullet hole in the side of the helmet.
  • He is never seen nor referenced to again in the game.
  • If the player play as Salem,and chooses Chin to keep hidden,Salem will say "Don't be stupid."
  • He is voiced by Jack Cygan.