Cha-Min Soo is a South Korean arms dealer and an old friend of Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem in Army of Two. He can be seen in Special Weapons category once you've accessed the mid-mission shopping in Army of Two.


Cha-Min Soo specializes in Special Weapons(Sniper Rifles, and Bazooka)in Army of Two, and escorted Rios and Salem to China where they have to kill an Abu Sayyaf leader who was the mastermind behind the seize of USS Constellation in South China Sea.

Mission in FloridaEdit

After completing the Mission in Li-Jiang River, Cha-Min Soo provided Rios and Salem a plane and a pilot to bring them in Florida to Eliminate Richard Dalton, the head of Security and Strategy Corporation. However, inside the plane, Rios and Salem were confronted by Phillip Clyde and soon found themselves in a gun fight.

However, there were two F-15 fighter jets deployed by the U.S. Air Force to investigate Cha-Min Soo's plane. Unfortunately, the pilots of the fighter jets heard no response from the pilot of Cha's plane, and were later ordered by the command to deploy missiles to the plane. Rios and Salem survived the plane crash, and Clyde's fate was unknown.

Defeating Phillip ClydeEdit

Rios and Salem managed to get to the airport. However, Salem is worried that if Cha-Min Soo finds out that his plane was destroyed, he will never be friends with them again. Cha-Min Soo found out that his plane was destroyed, but he helped Rios and Salem defeat Clyde and his personal guards.


Cha-Min Soo became a contractor of Trans World Operations after Rios and Salem defeated SSC.


  • Cha-Min Soo is noticeable by his eye, which is color white and has a scar in it.