Mis 05 038
Name: Viktor Brezhnev
Status: Unknown
Age: Unspecified
Nationality: Russian
Profession: Private Military Contractor
Games: T40D
First game: T40D
Appears in: 1 games

Viktor Brezhnev is another PMC operator from an unknown company. Salem is the first one to meet him after the two of them get captured by the rogue mercenaries. His accent sounds of Slavic origin, and Salem notes him as being Russian. He reaveals that he was working for Jonah at first but then he apparently got bored and started working for himself. Brezhnev helps Salem and Rios escape but before they leave he stops at a storeroom. When Salem investigates he notices a beat up woman in the room. Brezhnev tries to bribe them to mind their business.

If you choose to stop him, Rios shoots Brezhnev in the gut and Salem kicks his weapon to the woman. Salem and Rios leave. The woman in turn heads to a hospital and kills Brezhnev's wife and as she is about to kill his newborn child, he shoots her repeatedly in the back as he himself is wounded. He then holds his childs hand. His fate after that is unknown.

If you choose to take the bribe Rios will tell Salem to take the money, saying that they are no better after what they have already done themselves. After they leave Brezhnev leads the woman away, she kicks him and he then shoots her.

Both choices reveal the woman was a KGB assassin who was out to kill Brezhnev for disloyalty.

He is voiced by: Robert Atkin Downes


  • Brezhnev calls Rios and Salem goluboi which is Russian slang for "Homosexuals". He also metions that he 'is cool with that' as he respects the two and didn't want to offend them.
  • He has a wife named Sylvie and a son named Mikael.
  • As can be seen on the KGB womans paper's his first name is Viktor.
  • A strange event happens when you follow Breznev into the weapons room, he is seen examining an AK-47 but uses a FELIN (FAMAS) the rest of the level.
  • Brezhnev seems to like to joke, e.g. "Whats brown and sticky?, A stick. because you know..."