Real world M82

The M82 is a recoil-operated, semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle developed by the American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company. A heavy SASR (Special Application Scoped Rifle), it is used by many units and armies around the world. It is also called the "Light Fifty" for its .50 BMG (12.7×99mm NATO) chambering.

Army of TwoEdit

The M107 variant of the M82 is used in Army of Two, and is referred to as the M107 Light 50. The Barrett M107 is a .50 caliber, shoulder fired, semi-automatic sniper rifle. The Barrett M107, like previous members of the M82 line, is also referred to as the Barrett "Light Fifty." The designation has in many instances supplanted earlier ones, with the M107 being voted one of 2005's Top 10 Military Inventions by the U.S. Army.

At its Base, the M107 has extreme damage, extreme accuracy, and high Aggro. While it can be used as a sniper rifle, it can also be used to take out helicopters.

Cost - $75,000
Magazine - ?



  • Standard - $0
  • Pimped - $10,000


Army of Two: The 40th DayEdit

The M107 variant of the M82 returns again in The 40th Day, this time as the M107 .50 Cal. It is only obtainable by making a negative moral decision, and allowing the boy to retrieve it, during the hospital level.