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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
Developer Visceral Games, EA Montreal
Publisher Electronic Arts
Release date March 26, 2013
Genre Third-person shooter
Platforms Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Game modes Single-player, Co-Op, Multiplayer
Ratings ESRB: M
Official site

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel is a third person shooter video game developed by Visceral Games. This game was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the United States on March 26, 2013, and was released in the United Kingdom on March 28, 2013.


The game begins  T.W.O. operatives Alpha and Bravo, saying how they believe nothing will go wrong. Ironically, the convoy's movement is interrupted by La Guadana. Alpha and Bravo survive with a handful of other operatives, but Cordova escapes. The screen cuts to 5 years earlier when Alpha and Bravo receive their masks and commence an operation to save multiple hostages in a cartel compound, but only find one hostage alive; a woman named Fiona. Salem abandons the others, believing that if he stays, he will die. Alpha, Bravo and Rios are successful in saving her, but Salem presumably dies.

The player is then returned to the present, where the their convoy is ambushed and they have to push their way past the cartel's forces to city hall for extraction. From there, a T.W.O. operative named Mason arrives and drives them out of the city but is killed when the cartel ambushes them on the road, forcing Alpha and Bravo to proceed to meet Mason's contact at an airplane scrapyard. Fighting cartel members along the road, you eventually meet the contact, Fiona. She then instructs them that P.I. and Castle are at the La Puerta resort, Cordova's T.W.O bodyguards. However, she also informs them that Cordova would be at the local church, which is a cartel compound.

The player then fights his way into and through the resort to find El Diablo, La Guadana's top lieutenant, who has killed P.I. and Castle, as well as having taken Cordova. The two then fight their way through the resort attempting to catch El Diablo, but he is able to escape via helicopter and destroy  the resort. Alpha, Bravo, and Fiona manage to survive by landing in a swimming pool.

The trio soon arrives at the church, and Fiona agrees to stay behind and cover the exit while Alpha and Bravo go in to attempt to kill Cordova's captors. El Diablo discovers them, and orders his men to open fire. He then escapes with Cordova using Fiona's truck. Alpha, Bravo, and Fiona chase them with another truck, but encounter cartel reinforcements. The player destroys numerous enemy vehicles until a heavily-armoured destroyer truck begins to pursue them. After a strenuous battle, the destroyer is hit by a train, causing it to derail.

Cordova is saved by Bradley, but Bradley is eventually shot in the leg, rendering him unable to walk. Seconds later, a destroyer operated by El Diablo runs him over. Alpha, Bravo and Cordova attempt to flee, but hit a dead end and are then captured and tortured by the cartel. Bautista and El Diablo enter, and the latter reveals that he is Elliot Salem. Salem kills Cordova and leaves, then Alpha and Bravo escape the room. Alpha tells T.W.O. via radio that he and Bravo need extraction and Salem had betrayed them. Hunting down Salem, they found him and Salem orders his rather mentally unstable bodyguard to kill them and escapes. The duo kills the bodyguard and regroup with Chuy and Baker.

Rios receives word that Salem has gone rogue and wants him captured alive, although Alpha and Bravo disagree. Fiona meets them and believes that Salem and Bautista have fled to a ghost town. Alpha, Bravo and the others raid the hacienda, assisted by Mexican special forces. Bautista shoots Baker and holds Chuy at gunpoint as a threat but shoots him anyway and flees. Fiona runs after Bautista while a helicopter prevented Alpha and Bravo from chasing after Fiona. The duo can't find Fiona, so they interrogate a man who tells them Fiona is held at the quarry. Alpha and Bravo later find themselves being picked up by Rios via helicopter and go after Salem and Bautista while trying to save Fiona. Fiona is nearly saved by Alpha but an RPG forces Rios pull the helicopter up and then another RPG shoots the helicopter down. The duo escape while Rios goes down with the helicopter, who then is saved by them.

Our protagonists spot Fiona entering a compound to hunt down Bautista and Salem. Bautista is caught and then shot by Fiona. Bravo realizes it was all setup in order to make them chase after Salem. Salem grabs Fiona and points his pistol at her head. Salem tells Rios why he betrayed T.W.O., and then executes Fiona. Rios charges at Salem, but is shot in the abdomen and thrown onto the floor below. Salem escapes, pitting Alpha and Bravo against a small army. Rios changes his mind about capturing Salem; he wants his old companion dead. Alpha and Bravo find Salem in a courtyard and Salem attempts to kill them using an armoured vehicle.

However, the protagonists destroy the vehicle, leaving Salem vulnerable and on the ground. Bravo gets the honours of choosing Salem's fate. He does not kill Salem, who is taken away by Mexican soldiers. Bravo describes Salem's stay in prison as "20 or 30 years". It concludes with Rios, Alpha and Bravo being extracted, Alpha saying that "Fiona will be buried" and they "will have a long time off". The screen fades, and a cinematic of Salem etching the name "Alice" on his prison wall is shown. Alice Murray was a T.W.O. mission coordinator who had died in the events of The 40th Day when her extraction helicopter was shot down in Shanghai.

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The official site describes the following features:

Pure Co-Op[]

Battling the world’s deadliest cartel is more than one man can handle, but you’ve got a partner. Whether you’re performing flanking maneuvers, creating diversions to take the heat off, or even giving him one last shot of adrenaline when things get a little too chaotic. Working together as a single engine of destruction is the key to laying waste to your surroundings and taking out enemies with overwhelming force. The more effectively you work together, the more cash you make and the more destruction you’ll cause. You may be outgunned and outnumbered, but the only number you need is T.W.O.

Lethal Cartels[]

T.W.O. has faced some tough enemies, but now you’re up against the most vicious cartel in the world. Take part in a T.W.O. operation against La Guadaña (the Scythe), a ruthless criminal organization that holds the people of Mexico in its murderous grip. The cartel rules through fear, violence, and intimidation, killing without remorse and corrupting the government for their own sadistic ends. Only you and your comrade can bring justice to the cartel. Failure is not an option when the soul of a nation is at stake.

Explosive Destruction[]

Become an instrument of mass destruction in Army of Two The Devil’s Cartel. As a member of one of the world’s most elite private military companies, you and your partner will be armed to unleash colossal amounts of destruction. As you lay waste to the enemy, you’ll build up Overkill, an ability that briefly makes you an invincible engine of absolute destruction. Walls, barriers, and buildings bow to the explosive power of your weapons, powered by the bombastic Frostbite 2 engine that powers Battlefield™ 3. Is your enemy hiding behind that truck and refusing to come out? Trigger Overkill and blast the truck into the dust… taking your enemies with it!


  • Unlike previous installments, the player is not given a choice between the two characters. In co-op play, the game automatically puts player one as Alpha and player two as Bravo. In single-player mode the player is automatically put as Alpha. In the Hit-Maker's Kit DLC, "Chuy" is preset as Player 1 and "Baker" is preset as Player 2.
  • Unlike previous installments, the game only allows attachments for certain weapons compatible with those weapons only, refer to Army Of Two: Devil's Cartel Weapon List