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Role: T.W.O. Mission Coordinator, former Navy intelligence officer

Alice Murray is the mission coordinator for T.W.O. She assists Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios through their cameras and microphones.

Actor: in both games she is voiced by: Tracey Rooney

Bio[edit | edit source]

In the world of bad-ass women, Alice Murray takes the cake - and then shoves it in the other girls' faces. Make a wrong turn, Alice is always there, watching over them from their helmet cams and satellites, providing the Intel and assistance in the nick of time. Dependable, faithful and on-point, Alice is the very best at what she does - and because of that, she's become an unwavering and indispensable friend to our heroes. In short, Rios and Salem wouldn't trade that girl for all the money in the world ... especially Salem, considering the fact the two might have feelings for each other.

Army of Two[edit | edit source]

Alice is first seen when Rios and Salem join SSC after the Somalia mission when Dalton introduces her to the duo.

Alice helps Rios and Salem through the rest of the missions through the headset, giving mission information, tips on what to do. However in the Aircraft carrier mission (2008) Rios and Salem finds out Clyde is helping the enemy by leaking troop positions, when Salem is about to tell Alice, Rios stops him as he is not sure if Alice is working with Clyde as well.

Later in the China mission (2009) when the duo is set up to kill the U.S Senator Richard Whitehorse Rios reveals that they saw Clyde helping the enemy and that he hesitated to tell Alice since he wasn't sure if they could trust her or not. Alice is very upset about hearing this and refuses to talk to Tyson before he apologizes.

Afterwards she tried to help the two of them escape the Chinese Military by seducing guards to get information and telling them about the train that will take them out of there. She is attacked and kidnapped right before they get on the train and they decide to go rescue her.

S3kshun8 takes Alice's place and helps Rios and Salem rescue her from where she is being held captive in the airport. She can be heard calling for them as they get closer to her position and one of the guards places duck taping her mouth.

In the end of the game Rios calls Alice and tells her about T.W.O. and says that they need a mission coordinator. The game ends with her trademark smile.

Army of Two: The 40th Day[edit | edit source]

In the second game Alice acts once again as mission intelligence. When the attack begins in Shanghai, China she is captured. Salem and Rios then free her and she finds a place to bunker down. Later in the game she is picked up by a rescue chopper that is then sent to extract Salem and Rios. However the chopper is shot down with the very high possibility of her death. Salem seems very angry after the chopper crashes and gets very hysterical by being very calm. This then provokes Salem to want to kill the leader of the 40th Day Milita.

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel[edit | edit source]

It is confirmed that Alice died in Shanghai, which helps lead Salem to his mental breakdown. Salem grows a distrust for Rios, believing him to leave his friends for dead.

At one point at the last mission Salem says "Hey, Did you ever hear from Alice? Or did Rios leave her for dead too?"

At the end of the game, Salem is seen carving Alice's name in the wall of his cell.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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