Angry Joe in facemask and armor wielding the AS-KR1

The AS-KR1 ("The Ass Kicker") is an assault rifle in Army of Two: The 40th Day. This weapon, and the Grand Pinger can only be obtained by having a previous Army of Two save on your HDD.

Competition[edit | edit source]

The AS-KR1 submission

It was designed by AngryJoeShow, and was one of the two winners of the pre-release Weapon Design contest.

On the weapon submission, it was said to have tazer and airburst rounds integrable with the underslung shotgun. However, this feature was not included in the game (much to the disappointment of players).

Details[edit | edit source]

It is the second most expensive weapon in the game, priced at $300,000, and beaten only by the Grand Pinger. It features a 1X built-in scope, 50-round magazine, and built in underslung shotgun. The AS-KR1 cannot be customized, but customization is not really necessary because it has respectable accuracy and handling, and is the most damaging of the assault rifles.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The M107 Sniper Rifle and the AA-12 Shotgun both have a higher damage per bullet rate than the Grand Pinger and the AS-KR1.
  • The shotgun built into the AS-KR1 has an 8-round drum magazine, as opposed to the 5-round internal magazine of the standard Masterkey. It is also unique in the fact it operates like an automatic AA-12 shotgun, rather than a standard shotgun/Masterkey.
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