Real world G18C

The Glock Safe Action Pistol, colloquially known as the Glock is a series of semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Glock Ges.m.b.H., located in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria. The company's founder, engineer Gaston Glock, had no experience with firearms design or manufacture at the time their first pistol, the Glock 17, was being prototyped. Glock did, however, have extensive experience in advanced synthetic polymers, knowledge of which was instrumental in the company's design of the first successful line of pistols with a polymer frame. Glock introduced ferritic nitrocarburizing into the firearms industry as an anti corrosion surface treatment for metal gun parts. Besides Glock several other pistol manufacturers also started to use ferritic nitrocarburizing for finishing parts like barrels and slides.

Army of TwoEdit

The Glock  is an automatic pistol, referred to as the G18C. It should be noted that the weapon's image is that of a sub-compact Glock of unknown caliber. The in game capacity of 24 or 48 rounds does not help in properly identifying the specific weapon.

Cost: $14,000

Ammo capacity: 24



  • Base - $0
  • Freikorps Befreier V3 - $3,500
  • Gaston Kehrmaschine - $7,000


  • 24-Round Magazine - $0
  • 48-Round Magazine - $6,000


  • None - $0
  • TSS Quietstrike - $1,000
  • Barracuda V300 - $2,000


  • Standard - $0
  • Pimped - $10,000


  • In German, Befreier means "Liberator" and Kehrmaschine means "Streetsweeper".


The 40th DayEdit

In Army of Two: The 40th Day, the only way to unlock the gun is by having Good Morality from Chapter 1 to Chapter 4 in the Hospital Level. In Chapter 1 you'll have to let JB live. In Chapter 2, you will have to put the weapons back in the locker. In Chapter 3 you will have to let the White Tiger live. Then in Chapter 4, once you enter the hospital, before you go up to the room where you save one of the doctors held captive.

The Devil's CartelEdit

9mm-Tactical-Assault-Handgun (TAH-9) 02


The G18 features in The Devil's Cartel as the Tactical Assault Handgun - 9mm (TAH-9), available to those with the Overkill Edition. It has an undermounted flashlight, an extended 33-round magazine, and is fully automatic.

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